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Sunday, October 1st, 2023
In-House Morning Worship-9am ​​

Sunday Bulletin posted below for readings​​


  October Calendar
In-House Worship has returned!!

October 1st                   In-house Morning Worship 9am


                                            Coffee Hour following Worship

                                            Take & Eat 

October 8th                  In-house Morning Worship 9am
                                           Church Council Meeting immediately                                                 following Worship

                                           Coffee Hour following Council Meeting
                                           Dorcus Planning Meeting for Harvest                                                 Supper following Worship 
October 12th.              Dorcus Meeting 3:30pm                           
October 15th               In-house Morning Worship 9am

                                           Coffee Hour following Worship 

October 19th               Trustees Meeting 4:15pm

October 21st              Harvest Supper Takeout 5pm (See below)

October 22nd             In-house Morning Worship 9am

                                          Coffee Hour following Worship 

October 29th              In-house Morning Worship 9am
                                          Coffee Hour following Worship
                                          Take & Eat

Saturday November 4th   SWCA Community Potluck in SS Room
Sunday November 5th      Daylight Savings Time ends (Set Clocks back)

The Harvest Supper Takeout will be 10/21 from 5pm-6:30pm. The price is $15 for a complete turkey dinner including potatoes, gravy, squash, dressing, rolls, cranberry sauce and either pumpkin or apple pie. Reservations are filling up so you need to call Mickey soon at 458-4947.

The Youth News. Some of the Appalachia Service group presented in church this past Sunday about their experiences and also prepared and delivered a Take and Eat meal. 
Sophia will attend the Appalachia Service Project's Youth Leadership Summit 2.0 in Washington DC from October 20-23.  During this time, she will continue to learn about advocacy and affordable housing, tour sites in DC, meet with Congressional representatives and visit the Appalachian Regional Commission headquarters. There will also be worship and a focus on cultivating leadership skills.
The youths also hope to participate in Warm the Children in Bennington again this fall. More to come about that!

The Trustees replaced a board on front step. They have learned from the painter that he will not be doing the Parsonage this fall as 11 inches of rain over the last weeks has him way behind schedule.  He is planning to be back in the Spring.  We understand the issue as we have been a couple of weeks trying to find a dry window to paint the replaced board. The area around the pine trees was mowed with the exception of a section that still sets in water. Paul continues to work around the rain drops to keep the front section mowed and looking good. The parsonage two front evergreens were trimmed.

The Dorcas will meet after Church on September 10th to discuss the Harvest Supper.  See above!!

Mission News for October 2023.  

The Mission Committee met with Pastor David on Sunday, September 17, 2023. Our current topic was a discussion regarding the donation to Counseling in the Berkshires which closed last November 2022. After discussion with members, we voted to donate the amount to the EAT Program at our church. This donation is $250.00 this year. We will discuss later when we meet for 2024 budget issues if we would like to continue with this donation along with our other yearly donations.  It seemed we should help our own members and the community that we serve with these funds.
Janet Holmgren and Tom Kirby have been doing a wonderful job and the whole crew is super. Thank you to all of them. 
If anyone wants to get on their list let them know and give them your address.  They have been serving 38 meals every month.
For other news.  The Williamstown Youth Center had lots of programs this summer and they continue to provide after school service for children.  See the Link to their organization.  Williamstown Youth Center Also, they have a Facebook page with many photos and a soccer program as well.  
This fall we will continue to provide food for the Food Pantry and you are welcome to drop your items off at their pantry on Southworth St, Williamstown.
Our committee will meet in October to plan the Thanksgiving Meal with Carol DeMayo for the Food Pantry, and to discuss the Budget for 2024.
Enjoy this wonderful fall weather. The mountains are full of splendor. God is good.
Thank you all for your support with our Missions.                                   

The Dorcas met on 9-14-2023 at 3:30 We went over our duties for each Sunday. We discussed the EAT program and feel it should be supported by Our Church

Welcome to  

The Second Congregational Church

81 Hancock Road • Williamstown, MA 01267 • (413) 458-3467


81 Hancock Road, Williamstown, MA
Matt Alcombright, Music Director
Rev. David Hurst, Pastor
October 1, 2023

PRELUDE                                                           ANNOUNCEMENTS

CALL TO WORSHIP                                                                Deacon Reader
Leader: From north to south, from east and west we come around God's table
and worship his presence in our lives.
People: From down the street and across to other towns; from single parent
households to apartment dwellers,

Leader: We are called to be together in faith. We are called to try to love one
another and live as one.
People: From every class, from every race, from every life style, from little
ones with sippy cups to those of us who are elderly,

Leader: We are called to witness God's infinite love in our daily lives.
People: Open us to your love, O God, teach us how to live in your path and
grant us the joys of service to one another.

OPENING HYMN       “As We Gather At Your Table”                            #314

INVOCATION                                                                   Deacon Reader
Leader: O Lord come into our hearts this day.
People: Open us to your eternal love. Help us to be a church; to serve and
love one another.

Leader: Feed us that we might feed you
People: Steer us away from the temptations and lead us to deeper faith.
Leader: Show us your power to build your kingdom anew.
ALL: Lord, teach us to pray continually, with earnestness and the assurance
that we are answered and loved.

PRAYERS OF CONFESSION                                         Deacon Reader                   
Leader: O Lord, you are our deliverer. Your Son, dear God is our Savior. Give
us the confidence and the strength to live in your eternal Light.
People: Forgive us when we break your heart with words and deeds that
reflect our arrogance and selfishness. Forgive us when take more than we give. Understand and forgive our bad motives. Give us the courage to actively make amends, to seek forgiveness and to plainly express our faults to those who need an explanation.

Leader: Awaken us to a new way of living. Carry us when we cannot walk.
Help us to embrace your grace and live a life full of your salvation.
People: O God, you have prepared a Table before us. Thank you for the
promises fulfilled in Jesus Christ our Lord.


Leader: Almighty God, who in your mercy has promised us forgiveness, help
us to accept your love so that we might change. Strengthen us, that we will
follow your Will. Through the love and blessing of Jesus Christ we are
People: Halleluia! Thanks be to God!






First Lesson                  Exodus 17: 1-7                                                     p. 60 

Second Lesson             Matthew 21: 23-32                                              p. 855

Sermon             Question Authority!  Trust God?              Rev. David Hurst​

HYMN of HOLY COMMUNION    "Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless"                                                                             (Insert, See Below)

We celebrate open Communion Table-All are welcome at the table 

CLOSING HYMN   "Now Let Us From This Table Rise"                     #325

Leader: Let us Go forth and walk with God.
People: Let us share the joy that flows through all of God's creation. May
God's faithfulness and goodness gladden our hearts in these fall days.

Bulletins for September are given by Caroline Martel
In memory of Bruce J. Martel

                               — Remember in Prayer —

A Prayer List is part of the weekly Bulletin. Please email the church (wmst2ndcongo@outlook.com) if you would like to make additions or subtractions to keep those on the list in prayer. . . It Works!​​

All of the First Responders  who put their lives in jeopardy to care for all of us. For those working in grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, food banks… who are working in spite of the danger to themselves. Prayers for anyone who is overwhelmed by this pandemic. Prayers for those who are feeling isolated or afraid. Prayers that God give us the mindfulness to reach out by phone to those who we are not frequently in touch -those on the outer edges of our friendship and family. Prayers for all people as we look to “love our neighbor” as God has commanded.


For those that were not able to be at the final service or need additional time to consider their 2023 Giving,

you may send in your gifts and pledges to:

Jean Richer 124 S. Hemlock Brook, Williamstown, MA 01267.

--The Mission Committee--

The monthly nonperishable items are still welcome on Sundays. Items may be placed in the wagon or baskets in the back of the church pews for our committee to bring to the pantry every month.  If you are able, it is always nice to drop items off when you shop for your family and leave them at the pantry on Southworth Street. All our Missions are important but we especially like providing for our local families and helping our neighbors with this food delivery.
Thank you all for being so generous and caring. 

There are also more articles about the Hunger, Disaster and Development on the website for your interest. Just go to One Great Hour of Sharing 2023 or Facebook.com/onegreathourofsharingucc.  for more information.

​  ​​​​


God, let us be a table spread, with gifts of love and broken bread, where all find welcome; grace attends, and enemies arise as friends.                      

                                                            Ruth Duck                                                                        


 Welcome to October!         

          As evidence builds that fall has come, we enter October with a definite lowering temperature and a little less sunlight. But the days are so crisp, clear and the green is so deep. The leaves turn, although I haven’t seen too much of it of late! Here is where we are, despite our age or our place in life. We celebrate our days, as we are called to the Communion Table. The first of every month we celebrate the sacrament, reminding us that we are all one in God. All are welcome at God’s table with the same love and grace that God has promised to all, despite our position or anyone’s opinion otherwise.  

            Our Holy Communion is celebrated to remind us of our covenant in Christ; where we are part of God’s Kingdom with forgiveness and the grace of God assured. With this great promise, taken seriously, we are prone to lighten up! We know we are loved so we can serve God, fend well in this world of stress and temptation and keep our balance, forgive ourselves for our mistakes and develop a healthy, inclusive faith. 

Our young people ASP Appalachian Service Program, for their second year of service in West Virginia, have put into action the teaching and Spirit of Communion. They have shared their energy and lives with others without thought of reward. Thank you so much for all your services. Another thank you goes for the Take & Eat program. Thank you all for your cooking, packaging and deliveries. 

These services and many others that we all do, are what Jesus preaches are applying the Gospel to our daily lives, building and reinforcing the Kingdom of God. Let us celebrate Holy Communion the first Sunday of every month reminding us of God’s and Jesus’ covenant with us and our covenant with them.                                May God bless, Pastor David 


Music Director /Organist

Matt Alcombright

Rev. David  Hurst

Thoughts from the Organ Bench: 
During this beautiful season of Autumn we watch the trees change and the vibrant colors that change enacts. We feel the change from the hot and heavy summer to the cool crisp refreshment of air. We take in the harvest and become prepared for a winter hibernation.
Many beautiful hymns capture this amazing season and how it all plays into Gods design. I always like this time of year for the hymnody that is offered that reminds us of our life...our life on earth and our life we are preparing for in heaven. 
Throughout these next weeks I will be tying our music not only to the message of the day but to the season. Hymns that draw us into being thankful, aware and in awe of Gods great beauty ad purpose. As the great hymn Come, Ye Thankful People Come sings “grant, O Harvest Lord, that we, wholesome grain and pure may be.”