Music Director /Organist

Matt Alcombright!

                               — Remember in Prayer —

The Prayer List is attached. Please email the church ( if you would like to make additions or subtractions. Keep those on the list in prayer. . . It Works!

Members of the congregation 

Norm & Betsey Burdick,  Sam Westcott,  Maggie Guiden,  Jack Haig,  Polly Roberts (Dalmaso),  Missy & Brian Young, Don Quimby,

John Storey, Mary Kirby, Anne Tiffany, Bob & Janet Mayer

Dick Diest, cousin of Wayne Morrison
Linda Cangelosi,  sister-in-law of Mary Ellen Cangelosi
Charmaine Lapier, sister of Eunice Lapier
Hank Schneider, brother of Mary Ellen Cangelosi
Becky Leto, friend of Clare Morrison
Megan Jennings Dostal, friend of Chris van Luling & community
Julia Peele, sister of Bonnie Herr
Victor Fraenckel friend of Bob & Janet Mayer
Cathy Foley, friend of Chris Bradich
Carol Clement, Mary-Ellen Cangelosi’s sister
Sandra Joyce, friend of Ann Tiffany
Sue Linquist ,Bob and Janet Mayer’s daughter

Mary Beth Miller, friend to both Janet Holmgren and Bridget Spann
Sol Wertkins, friend of Clare and Wayne Morrison’s son

​Patrick Quinn, Mickey Thaisz’s sister Terri’s, stepson

All of the First Responders who put their lives in jeopardy to care for all of us. For those working in grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, food banks… who are working in spite of the danger to themselves. Prayers for anyone who is overwhelmed by this pandemic. Prayers for those who are feeling isolated or afraid. Prayers that God give us the mindfulness to reach out by phone to those who we are not frequently in touch -those on the outer edges of our friendship & family. Prayers for all people as we look to “love our neighbor” as God has commanded.

As we celebrate Easter this year, there is greater joy among us, because most of us are still pent up with Covid restrictions. The sense of loneliness that touches us no matter what our circumstances has been with us for a full year. For me it’s deep; even though our church life has continued on line and in the sanctuary. I want to bust loose and “get back to normal,” whatever that is! As the pandemic slows, I’ll get to see more of you! BUT I pray that all will continue to use caution, while finding ways to reenter social life. 
          Holy Week and Easter Sunday bring us to new beginnings or second chances to restart our lives. It is a time to remember that life without sacrifice or pain is imaginary. The joy of the Resurrection is felt in full knowledge of all that has happened before. Life builds through experience. Wisdom comes from these experiences. So, it’s important to see life before us and to build upon the past. 
          When Jesus rose from the dead, He taught us that God has given us more than our earthly wisdom and experience. God has forgiven and loves us in all times and in places. We are blessed with the love God unconditionally! Thus, we can begin life again with our eyes upon the Kingdom rather than our earthy desires. Let us enjoy our families and friendships. 
                                                                                 Be Safe with God’s blessings, David  

Sunday April 18 — In-House Worship

with Communion at 9am
WilliNet Channel 1303 Sunday Worship 9am and 4pm. Rerun Wed at 10am and Friday at 7pm.
Internet link for this week is:

Important Dates for 2021 (If they can be done safely)
Church Council   7pm on 4/13, 7/13, 10/12 and 1/11/22
Strawberry Festival 6/19
Pot Luck Supper & Auction 9/18  
Harvest Supper 10/16
Annual Meeting following worship for 2021 on 2/13/22

Welcome to  

The Second Congregational Church

81 Hancock Road • Williamstown, MA 01267 • (413) 458-3467

YESTERDAY: The Deacon's discussed having worship outside when the weather warms up. Stay tuned.
What a grand Spring. Still several areas at the church that need raking. Better hurry as rain is forecast for next week.

                           Updated Prayer List is attached
Tuesday at 7:00 pm i
s the April 13 Council Meeting
Thursday at 4:30 pm
is the Trustees Meeting

                          — April Calendar —
April 4th          Easter Sunrise service at Mount Hope 7:00 am

                           (Details Below)                                            
                           Easter Morning Worship 9:00 am
April 8th          Deacons Meeting 3:30 pm
April 11th        Morning Worship 9am
April 13th        Church Council 7:00 pm
April 15th        Trustees 4:30 pm
April 18th        Morning Worship 9:00 am
April 25th        Morning Worship 9:00 am

The Church Council meets April 13th for the first time since the Annual Meeting and new officers and committee members were elected. All are welcome to attend but there are particular individuals that are expected to be at the meetings. The Moderator, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Clerk, Historian, Auditor, Sunday School Superintendent, all the Deacons and Trustees, and one individual from each committee and organization.  Linda Brown is in need of the names of the people that are representing the committees and organizations in order to send out minutes in preparation for the meetings. (

The Deacons invite you to meet at Mount Hope for our Easter Sunrise Service at 7am.  Please wear a mask. We will form a circle as usual with social distancing. Come prepared to meet in whatever the day brings for weather. We will have our 9am Service as usual and will do our April Communion on the 11th.
Outdoor Spring Cleanup al-a-cart will be again done this spring. A list with eight areas is posted on the door facing the parsonage. You are encouraged to select an area or two to clean. You can leave a pile on the edge of the blacktop to be picked up if you do not have a way to remove what you rake up.  The Trustees have decided to use this approach again as it allows you to rake when it is convenient for you rather than assign a time that everyone is expected to meet together. Please remember to sign off the areas as you complete them.  Area A; All grass areas between the blacktop. Starting at the rear steps of the ramp and finishing near the mailbox.   Area B; Mowed area along Rt43 from blacktop to end.Area C; Grass area under and in front of the pines along the side parking lot.   Area D; Grass area under and around the pines along rear parking lot.   Area E; Playground area, between garage and parsonage, behind parsonage.   Area F; Parsonage front yard.   Area G; Side parking lot. (Sand to be moved to mailbox area)   Area H; Rear parking lot and exit driveway. (Sand to be moved to mailbox area)     Thank you for your efforts, The Trustees 

The Sunday School is eagerly aw​aiting news from the Appalachia Service Project, and if it will happen this summer or be postponed for another year. Julia, Gabriela, Sophia, and Micah are all excited to go serve! Stay tuned for more information.

The Trustees have reviewed the information on the UCC "Flex" insurance and have authorized our agent to convert our plan. This is a newer policy available to small to mid-size churches that allows you to maintain the same amount of property insurance as you had but reduces areas like crime insurance from $1,000,000 to $50,000 in several categories. With the change to the "Flex" plan and an increase in the deductible from $1000 to $5000 our cost will drop by $4000 annually. The change is scheduled for 4/1. The trees along the neighbor's border that were up to/on to the side and roof of the parsonage have been trimmed back. We are grateful that T.J. Elder has offered to share the cost of the work and will dispose of the branches removed.

— From the Organ Bench —

One of the most beautiful hymns, in my opinion, of the Christmas Season is one that we don't hear a lot of. In 1872 a beautiful poem under the title "A Christmas Carol" was published by English poet Christina Rossetti. In 1906 Gustav Hoist would set music to these beautiful words of Rossetti composing what we now know as "In the Bleak Midwinter." The title of this hymn is all too appropriate for the times we find ourselves in. During this pandemic, uncertainty and doubt the world seems 'bleak' to say the least. This hymn, however, provides so much hope. God entered a bleak and suffering world in the most humble of ways. Born in a bleak stable, God came to us to give light, joy, hope and peace. In our seemingly bleak and cold world we are reminded that this Child, born to us, paves a way for a brighter and hopeful New Year. The last verse gives us the recipe for some hope and joy and that is to simply give Christ our heart. 

Rev. David  Hurst!

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.                                                              John 3:16 

Happy Easter Everyone!