In-House Morning Worship & Communion at 9am

followed by Coffee Hour

WilliNet Channel 1303 Sunday Worship 9am and 4pm. Rerun Wed at 10am and Friday at 7pm.
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Sunday, June 5th
In-House Morning Worship 9:00 a.m.

Coffee Hour following Worship


​​​— June 2022 Calendar —


Sunday June 26th            
In-House Morning Worship 9am
                                                   Coffee Hour following Worship

​​— Upcoming Events —

Sunday July 10th           Outdoor Morning Worship at Field Farm 9am  
                                                Council Meeting immediately following worship
                                                Coffee Hour following meeting

Sunday July 3rd              In-House Morning Worship and                                                                             Communion 9am

Sunday July 10th             Outdoor Worship Service at Field Farms                                                              9am
                                                  Church Council Meeting following worship

From OurSunday School: Happy start of summer! This month Julia will share details of her mission trip to Central America.

   “This February my dad and I served in Guatemala. We chose this destination due to the country’s impoverished existence stemming from racism, war, and lack of quality medical care.
   In the central highlands of the San Cristobal region, some three hours away from the country’s capital, Guatemala City, I worked with the indigenous Mayan population. I assisted three U.S. doctors in various capacities, rotating through small local clinics that provide medical and dental care. In comparison to my service in Kenya in a hospital setting, which was supported by a large American charity, l worked on a smaller scale with Glenda, Conzuelo, and Sonia, three local nurses, serving a patient base of approximately 15,000. The nurses translated from the local language, Poqomchi, into a mix of Spanish and English, while I scribed the patient history and medical issues to relay to the doctors. Just as I learned some Swahili in Kenya, I improved my basic Spanish in Guatemala. It was a hands-on experience. I sterilized instruments in pressure cookers, checked medicine inventory, and assisted the nurses and doctors in various capacities. Common medical ailments in the Poqomchi region include: malnutrition, intestinal parasites, diabetes, epilepsy, and asthma. Today, Covid has made these conditions more dangerous. In addition, due to the high sugar content in their corn-based diet, dental needs are at a critical level. The Poqomchi live in poverty, socially excluded, and have one of the lowest ratings on the United Nations’ Human Development Index, which measures life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living worldwide. 
   I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the Poqomchi. As an excluded population in an underserved country, their needs are greater than most. The knowledge and insight I’ve gained has heighten my awareness of the world’s inequities and provided a meaningful foundation for my work in health care.” 


The Deacons met on May 12th.  We will have our annual outdoor service at Field Farm on July 10th at 9:00 am. No other outdoor services are planned at this time.
   Pastor David will be gone for June 12th service. He is contacting Barry Grauman to fill in. 
   All is going well with the Youth Group.
   Pastor David has been visiting shut in more often..

   Our next meeting will be June 9th.     

The Dorcas will meet June 5th after Church to finalize the Strawberry Take-out. The Strawberry take out is scheduled for June 18th from 11- 2.

Trustees update want to make you aware that the water leak that is in front of the parsonage is an issue with the Waubeeka Springs Water District supply line and has been reported to them and their contractor that services the line. You will see a small area of the parsonage lawn dug up as the septic tank is scheduled to be pumped out on years that end in 2 or 7. There is no connection to the water leak in the street. The contractor that services the church/parsonage water softener has reset the system, restocked supplies and will be following up with supplies as needed. This should reduce the maintenance on the three boilers.  The individual that was to mow the lawn has not been doing the job as laid out and has been relieved of this duty.  John Quimby will be mowing as he had done 15 or so years ago prior to Tim Norton and then the Trustees. The painting is coming. We have arrived at an agreement for $24,600 to have the entire church exterior scraped, caulked, primed and finish coated. We hope the work will begin this summer/fall but anticipate it will not be completed until the spring of 2023. The cost is the same as the last painting when you adjust for inflation from 2006-2008 to today. We would hope that you will be making contributions to the Building Fund, to help with this expense as you are able, over the months leading up to that the work being done.

Mission Committee Report:
 A huge thank you for all the donations for Blanket Sundays.  We held two weeks this year and donations were $188.00. This will be forwarded to CWS to purchase blankets needed for a community in need. It reminds them someone cares. That Christ’s love comforts and heals.
We don’t have a specific Mission in June so I ask everyone to donate to the food pantry in Williamstown.  They are open weekly and greatly accept our donations of non-perishable foods. Our other missions for the summer will be Doctors without Borders, Heifer Project International and Soldier On.   Each one will receive our Budget amount and I will have
an article regarding each one on the Fellowship Hall Bulletin Board. The Heifer Project is one of my favorites as it helps to feed hungry children.  It’s a way to “Feed you Faith.” Anyone who wishes to make a donation to this project and send it to the church with a note on the check saying you want it to go to the “Heifer Project. Be sure to make it out to Second Congregational Church so Jean will know what it’s for.  Thanks again.
 Enjoy the summer and know that we have “Strength in the face of Adversity. We are God’s Children.
Many thanks for supporting our Missions. 


Caroline Martel, Chairman

2022 ChaseIns/Ray Beattie Scholarship Award

Please help us spread the word!
We are currently accepting applications for the 2022 Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Scholarship Award.

One award will be given in the amount of $1,000!
To view the scholarship requirements, please visit our website:
Deadline for recipients to apply is May 1st, 2022
Please share with high school seniors!

The insurance carrier for the church offers a scholarship to its clients. Information below for those interested.


Words from the Organ Bench“When April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May.” This old popular tune is one that has been going through my head lately especially during this wet month of April. It also reminded me of the importance of music in our weekly services. When a liturgical prayer service is “saturated” with the gift of music and singing It allows itself to bloom in ways we never thought possible. In my many years of music ministry I am always surprised and humbled at how music can really enhance a service. Saint Augustine reminds us that “when you sing you pray twice” and I do find that to be the truth. I love the enthusiasm in our services to hear each one singing even when it may not be the most familiar hymn. We are drawn into a deeper mystery of God’s presence. My hope is to always allow our weekly prayer in services to bloom with the beauty of God‘s grace and joy through music and song.

Welcome to  

The Second Congregational Church

81 Hancock Road • Williamstown, MA 01267 • (413) 458-3467

O God of many gifts, liberate us to share, Without apology or arrogance, not only the gifts that we have, But the gift that we are! 

 -Ted Loder, p.98 Gorillas of Grace

Rev. David  Hurst

Music Director /Organist

Matt Alcombright

Blessings one and all!
I hope this note finds you all well! Summer has come so quickly this year. It seems like we are in the middle of it already! I hope you all enjoy the season and take time to pray and thank God for 

blessings. Indeed, the world has become a dangerous place with war in Ukraine. Covid is still among us and the killings of people in our towns and cities are beyond understanding.
Let us in this time pray for those who have lost loved ones and those estranged from their homelands. Let us pray that our leaders; praying that they can come together to offer constructive ways to prevent these tragedies from happening again. Let us pray for those around us. O God, give us the strength to live life to its fullest in faith and in friendship. Let us pray for every one of us who wonder and sometimes fear what will happen next. Let our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are filled with anxiety and fear. Let them open their hearts to the love of God and rely upon God’s grace.
Through our faith in God, let us rely upon Him for guidance and live each day knowing that our God is with us in Spirit and in Truth. Help us to realize our gifts that God has given us and to share them with others. O Lord fill us with the confidence to reach out and befriend those who need our love and affirmation.
May God Bless,  


A #GiveLikeCharlie Update......

This year’s Bennington/Berkshires #givelikecharlie America Red Cross Blood Drive was an amazing team effort! We thank you for loving and honoring Charlie, for loving the Gillis family and our extended family, and for loving the world in such a tangible, giant way.  

 **We had 50 presenting donors and 48 units of blood were processed. (Our ambitious goal was 45) 
**This means 144 people were impacted (helped/saved) by our collective donations. 
**We had 8 first timer donors. 
**We had 7 milestone donations, with folks reaching 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 9-gallon marks. 
**We now have 228 official members on team #givelikecharlie (our drive added 20+ new teammates). 
**We have now impacted over 7000 people collectively! (Yes, our ripple has turned into a tsunami WAVE...last year at this time we had reached the 3000 mark.) WOW! 

Our 4th Annual #givelikecharlie spring blood drives from Seattle, to the Adirondacks, to Vermont and St. Louis collected 177 units impacting 531 lives!! Clearly, we are NOT slowing down.   We thank all those who donated blood and the many helpers who gave in so many other critical ways—extra cookie bakers, lots of cheerleaders and recruitment of family members.  

- There's no need to wait for our next blood drive if you'd like to keep on giving. You can give every 56 days and the Blood Donor app is really helpful at keeping track, finding appointments, tracking your donations, etc..  
- Know someone who wants to join the team? Show them the Blood Donor app (by phone), install and click on "IMPACT" in the bottom right corner and simply type in #givelikecharlie to find our team and JOIN! Every donation you have EVER given plus any future donations will be added to our team's collection. The more the merrier! 
- Follow and join us on INSTAGRAM @givelikecharlie! You'll get to see all of the celebrations far and wide from this growing team. Send us a photo every time you give!  

Jess Dils and Martha Storey 

                               — Remember in Prayer —

The Prayer List is attached. Please email the church ( if you would like to make additions or subtractions. Keep those on the list in prayer. . . It Works!

Members of the congregation 

Norm & Betsey Burdick, Sam Westcott, Maggie Guiden, Jack Haig, 

 Don Quimby, John Storey,

Mary Kirby, Anne Tiffany, Bob & Janet Mayer,

​Wayne Morrison, Virginia Nicklein

Sue Linquist, Bob and Janet Mayer’s daughter
Sol Wertkins, friend of Clare and Wayne Morrison’s son
John Hyde, friend of Missy Young
Family and friends of Denny Roberts
Tony Todesco, friend of Anne Tiffany
Glenice Boyd, friend of Anne Tiffany

Shawn & Kate Burdick, Norm & Betsey’s son & daughter-in-law
Trace Snyder, cousin of Caroline Martel
Pat Goins, friend of Bob Gaskill
Richard LeCroix, friend of Carol Demayo
Bob Sweet Jr, friend of Wayne Morrison
Joe Klimek, Brother-in-Law of Mary Ellen Cangelosi
Bob Morrison, brother of Wayne Morrison
Mike Deep, neighbor
Brigid Hennessey, friend of Mark & Mickey
Phil Larabee, friend of Wayne & Clare Morrison
Gordon Swain, friend of Meg & Dick Dodds
Terry Pardo, friend of Clare Morrison
Family and friends of Polly Roberts Dalmaso
Family and Friends of Justin Cameron
Richard Dodds Jr, son of Meg & Dick Dodds
Zowie Martin-Levesque, Friend of Serenity Moon
Family and friends of Sharon Morrison
Friends and family of Charmaine Lapier
Philip Stocking, cousin of Anne Tiffany

Denelli Rogers, great granddaughter of Rita Gardner

All of the First Responders  who put their lives in jeopardy to care for all of us. For those working in grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, food banks… who are working in spite of the danger to themselves. Prayers for anyone who is overwhelmed by this pandemic. Prayers for those who are feeling isolated or afraid. Prayers that God give us the mindfulness to reach out by phone to those who we are not frequently in touch -those on the outer edges of our friendship and family. Prayers for all people as we look to “love our neighbor” as God has commanded.