In-House Morning Worship & Communion at 9am

followed by Coffee Hour

WilliNet channel 1303 Sunday Worship 9am and 4pm. Rerun Wed at 10am and Friday at 7pm.
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Sunday, May 1st
In-House Morning Worship 9:00 a.m.

Coffee Hour following Worship

The insurance carrier for the church offers a scholarship to its clients. Information below for those interested.

​word, to encourage others to come to church and celebrate our lovely community of faith.
In this community we say good-bye to a wonderful member, Polly Roberts Dalmaso, who has passed at age 93. Thank you to the people of our church for hosting the funeral and the luncheon afterward.
Youth fellowship continues and my visitations have increased now that Covid has abated. If you are aware of someone who needs a visit please let me know!
Isaiah prophecies that the Messiah who now has come will teach us to think differently, to expect hidden things to be discovered and to be able to “do greater things in Jesus’ name.” Let us pray for peace in the world. Let us pray for the Ukraine and all places where despotism still exist. Through God’s grace let us live with love and help those in need.
May God bless,     Pastor David


2022 ChaseIns/Ray Beattie Scholarship Award

Please help us spread the word!
We are currently accepting applications for the 2022 Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Scholarship Award.

One award will be given in the amount of $1,000!
To view the scholarship requirements, please visit our website:
Deadline for recipients to apply is May 1st, 2022
Please share with high school seniors!

                               — Remember in Prayer —

The Prayer List is attached. Please email the church ( if you would like to make additions or subtractions. Keep those on the list in prayer. . . It Works!

Members of the congregation 

Norm & Betsey Burdick,  Sam Westcott,  Maggie Guiden,  Jack Haig, 

 Don Quimby, John Storey,

Mary Kirby, Anne Tiffany, Bob & Janet Mayer,

​Wayne Morrison, Virginia Nicklein

Charmaine Lapier, sister of Eunice Lapier​
Becky Leto, friend of Clare Morrison
Julia Peele, sister of Bonnie Herr
Victor Fraenckel friend of Bob & Janet Mayer
Cathy Foley, friend of Chris Bradich
Sue Linquist ,Bob and Janet Mayer’s daughter
Sol Wertkins, friend of Clare and Wayne Morrison’s son

John Hyde, Friend of Missy Young

​Denny Roberts, son of Polly Roberts Dalmaso
Tony Todesco, friend of Anne Tiffiny

Glenice Boyd, friend of Anne Tiffany
Shawn & Kate Burdick, Norm & Betsey’s son & daughter-in-law
Julie Brill, a member of the Cangelosi family
Trace Snyder, cousin of Caroline Martel

Pat Goins, friend of Bob Gaskill
Richard LeCroix,
friend of Carol Demayo
Bob Sweet Jr.,
friend of Wayne Morrison
Joe Klimek,
Brother in Law of Mary Ellen Cangelosi

Bob Morrison, brother of Wayne Morrison
Mike Deep, neighbor
Brigid Hennessey, friend of Mark & Mickey
Phil Larabee, friend of Wayne & Clare Morrison
Gordon Swain, friend of Meg & Dick Dodds

Terry Pardo, friend of Clare Morrison

Richard Dobbs, friend of Rev. Hurst

Zowie Martin-Levesque, friend of Serenity Moon
Family and friends of Polly Roberts Delmaso
Family and friends of Justin Cameron

All of the First Responders  who put their lives in jeopardy to care for all of us. For those working in grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, food banks… who are working in spite of the danger to themselves. Prayers for anyone who is overwhelmed by this pandemic. Prayers for those who are feeling isolated or afraid. Prayers that God give us the mindfulness to reach out by phone to those who we are not frequently in touch -those on the outer edges of our friendship and family. Prayers for all people as we look to “love our neighbor” as God has commanded.

Happy Easter Everyone!
Our Easter services went wonderfully! With a little help from downturns in Coved and a bit of luck with the weather we celebrated Easter sunrise at Mt. Hope with a great sense of joy on the most important day in the Christian calendar. Our 9am service continued our celebration of faith. As we celebrate Easter let us remember Jesus’ commission to spread the 

Rev. David  Hurst

“From now on I will tell you of new things. Of hidden things unknown to you,”  
                 Isaiah 48:6 

Welcome to  

The Second Congregational Church

81 Hancock Road • Williamstown, MA 01267 • (413) 458-3467

Words from the Organ Bench“When April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May.” This old popular tune is one that has been going through my head lately especially during this wet month of April. It also reminded me of the importance of music in our weekly services. When a liturgical prayer service is “saturated” with the gift of music and singing It allows itself to bloom in ways we never thought possible. In my many years of music ministry I am always surprised and humbled at how music can really enhance a service. Saint Augustine reminds us that “when you sing you pray twice” and I do find that to be the truth. I love the enthusiasm in our services to hear each one singing even when it may not be the most familiar hymn. We are drawn into a deeper mystery of God’s presence. My hope is to always allow our weekly prayer in services to bloom with the beauty of God‘s grace and joy through music and song.

Music Director /Organist

Matt Alcombright

— May 2022 Calendar —

Sunday 5/8              Mother's Day
                                            In-House Morning Worship 9am
                                    Coffee Hour following Worship

Thursday 5/12       Deacons Meeting 3:30pm

Friday 5/13               "#GivelikeCharlie" Blood drive 11am-5pm (see below)

Sunday 5/15            In-House Morning Worship 9am
                                    Coffee Hour following Worship

​                                    Final opportunity to donate to the Blanket Offering

Thursday 5/19        Trustees Meeting 4pm

Sunday 5/22           In-House Morning Worship 9am
                                    Coffee Hour following Worship

Sunday 5/29            In-House Morning Worship 9am
                                    Coffee Hour following Worship

Monday 5/30          Memorial Day

#GivelikeCharlie Details:

Spring sunshine means that we are gearing up to host (believe it or not!) our FOURTH annual #givelikecharlie #livelikecharlie blood drive. Time is a crazy thing. As Charlie’s mom, Jenn, describes so perfectly, “We all have one more year under our belts and all of the feelings are still big and bittersweet - pride in our mighty team of donors, disbelief that Charlie has been gone for 3 ½ years, awe in the power of healing through service to others and a love that keeps on multiplying.”  

Our ripples are big…no surprise, whenever Charlie is involved! Last spring’s Bennington blood drive was awesome. We collected 51 units of blood (surpassing our goal of 40)—this in the time of COVID—and the Red Cross continues to cheer when they see #givelikecharlie blood drive events approaching on the calendar. YOU all—the wonderful people who keep donating and supporting us in honor of Charlie—are simply the best.  We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Bennington date is set and you are all invited! Friday, May 13, 2022 @ Moose Lodge, Bennington, VT  11 am - 5 pm

​​— Upcoming Events —

May/June is the season of graduations! We are looking to put together an insert in the worship bulletin on 6/12 with all who are graduating, from where they are graduating, plans going forward and who is their connection to the church. If you would like to add a graduate to this list, please send the information to the church @ by June 5th to be included in the insert. 

Saturday June 18th           Strawberry Take Out 10am-2pm 

Our Sunday School is reaching out. We are exited to announce we have assembled an energetic group of 11 youth and 4 leaders to head to West Virginia to make homes ‘warmer, drier, and safer’ as part of the Appalachian Service Project from July 16-23, 2022. From Second Congo, Micah Zasada and Mia and Sophia Holmgren are participating as youth. And Julia Holmgren and Tommy Kirby are participating as leaders with Janet as the trip coordinator. We are looking for financial support and fundraising projects during the month of April. Does anyone have a spring clean up project? Or need your garage or attic tidied? If so, please reach out to Sophia at 413-884-2433 or Mia at No job, too large or small. One or two kids can help or the entire group! Our goal is for each youth participant to raise $300. We have some work to do! We will also have a coffee can on the table after service on April 3rd and 10th and will gratefully accept contributions in any amount. The youths look forward to presenting on their experiences in early September. 

Youth update: Our church’s support of the ASP trip and fundraising opportunities has been AMAZING! A big heartfelt thank you! Similarly, there has been enthusiastic support for the Take and Eat program. The first meal served will be July 31st. The Sunday school youth have been enjoying their classes with Pastor David. The focus has been on how the scripture relates to modern life and women in the Bible. The Holmgrens fly to Austria on May 1st. They will be ready to volunteer at home, with the Take and Eat program, and beyond, in Appalachia, when they return end of June. 

Beyond Appalachia: Sophia and Mia in conjunction with Tommy Kirby are eager to integrate Second Congregational into a local food service projected called Take and Eat. They would serve approximately 50 Williamstown individuals a home-cooked, nutritious meal a few times a year. The meal would be cooked and packed Sunday after church service. To date, First Congo, St. Patrick’s, St. John’s and the College are participating. Second Congo would pick up the 3 months with a fifth Sunday as well as the times the College Chaplain’s group is unavailable. If you are interested in participating, please contact Mia or Sophia above. More details forthcoming.  

The Deacons welcomed Susan Rockefeller to be a member at our March 10th meeting.  So nice to have her with us.

  • The next meeting will be Thursday May 12th @ 3:30pm. We will discuss any outdoor services at that time
  • Outdoor service @ Field Farm will be held on Sunday July 10th


The Dorcas met on April 14th @ 3:00pm

  • The Strawberry Take out will be June 18th from 10 – 2pm
  • Next meeting will be after church on June 5th to finalize details of the Strawberry Take Out
  • A big thank you to all who helped with Polly’s reception.  It was very nice.
  • We discussed a Tag Sale to be in July

          More info to come........

Trustees update would like to pass along a huge THANK YOU to Martha Storey for her many years of service as the Church Webmaster. She has decided that she needs to give up this position due to other responsibilities. We are very fortunate that Kerry Bradich has agreed to step into that position. She will also be increasing the Church's visibility on Facebook as we look to expand our outreach with both these opportunities.

We appreciate the work done by the Youth in our Spring Cleanup. Oh, to be young again! Appreciation to the not so young that hired the youth also. The work was done in time so that the lawn mowing could begin with a contractor. We have had some movement in the process of finding someone to paint the church. The contractor from last time has received contracts from Williams and will see how those go and could be available later, another contractor looked at the job and has decided it is too much for him but he has a friend that may be better equipped that he will send our way if there is interest.  A third contractor has decided to pass as a member of his crew was injured over the last week. A fourth contractor is lined up to view the project this week. Not what we had hoped for by now but still moving toward the goal.

Mission Committee Report:
 Our Easter Food Pantry was amazing, and we collected food for two family dinners and more. Two nice hams from the Dorcas Society were provided. The response was overwhelming, and Carol DeMayo reports to me that “Second Congo Church comes through so generously.” “We give the most in our community.” That is so nice to hear. Our committee thanks all of you who make this Mission such a success and provide families with a special Easter Dinner. Our committee is great to work with and we are so pleased to have John Quimby on our team. From the pussy willows, tags and extra help loading and unloading the food. I feel we are all blessed to help those who need this mission. The Mission for March was “One Great Hour of Sharing” which took place on two Sundays. The response was again overwhelming. We received $615.00 in donations. I think this is the largest amount in recent years. Thank you all again for your generosity. It will be a welcome amount in addition to our Church World Service Annual donation this year. The present need in Ukraine is well recognized. We pray this will help some of those people. Our next Blanket Sunday Mission will begin next Sunday, May 8 th Mother’s Day and May 15th. . Envelopes will be provided. Last year congregational gifts provided over183,000 CWS Blankets and kits to families impacted by hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and other crises. Your gift can make a difference this year. $10.00 provides one blanket, $50.00 gives blankets to an entire family. And $250.00 stocks shelves in a shelter with blankets before wintry low weather hits. You can read more on their web site. and there is also a very informing video provided by Pastor Shiryln Thomas of God’s Kingdom and Restoration ministries of Galveston, Texas. “A seat at the Master’s Table” is the title. It gives you a realistic view of what the CWS Blankets provide. The article will be posted on our bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall for all to read. Thank you again for supporting this mission. Our monthly food pantry will continue. You may bring your donations to the pantry on Southworth St. If you are unable to deliver, please let our committee know and we will assist you. Cash donations are always accepted. Checks should be made out to Williamstown Food Pantry. Many thanks for all your support.     

Sincerely, Caroline Martel, Chairperson