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WilliNet Channel 1303 Sunday Service at 9am and 4pm. Rerun Wed at 10am and Friday at 7pm.
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​​"Come, thou long expected Jesus, Born to set thy people free,  From our fears and sins release, Let us find our rest in thee."               Charles Wesley                                                                                                  

Welcome to the Season of Advent!
        Advent is a time to celebrate the waiting and watching for the baby Jesus’ Coming. We anticipate the time of the Messiah’s coming with expectation, but why do we have to wait so long? We don’t know when, but as Charles Wesley’s hymn says even so, “let us find our rest in thee!”  
        We all can relate to having to wait. There is a suffering and doubtfulness in having to wait especially when expectations run high with hope and anticipation. Luke and the prophet Jeremiah share the wisdom of God’s Messiah that as we have to wait, let us live life to its fullest in the meantime! They recommend that we take advantage of this time of Advent to pray and meditate upon God’s coming; be aware and watchful, and live our lives of shopping, preparing meals, communing with friends and neighbors with gusto and gratitude. Through the Advent season we may have sad memories that bubble up, but as we relax and laugh a bit, and we keep our expectations low, we can enjoy our families and friendships. We can find reward in our loved ones and be the faithful who live their lives fully and gracefully above the complaint and the demand for instant gratification that dominated society even back when Jeremiah lived! 
        It is time to begin anew! Be refreshed in the Spirit and take life one day at a time, looking for joy and faith to carry us through!    Remember Christmas Eve service is at 5pm!
                                                            May God Bless,  Pastor David 

                               — Remember in Prayer —

The Prayer List is attached. Please email the church ( if you would like to make additions or subtractions. Keep those on the list in prayer. . . It Works!

Members of the congregation 

Norm & Betsey Burdick,  Sam Westcott,  Maggie Guiden,  Jack Haig,  Polly Roberts (Dalmaso), Don Quimby, John Storey,

Mary Kirby, Anne Tiffany,

Bob & Janet Mayer, Eunice Lapier, Rita Gardner

Charmaine Lapier, sister of Eunice Lapier​
Becky Leto, friend of Clare Morrison
Megan Jennings Dostal, friend of Chris van Luling & community
Julia Peele, sister of Bonnie Herr
Victor Fraenckel friend of Bob & Janet Mayer
Cathy Foley, friend of Chris Bradich
Sue Linquist ,Bob and Janet Mayer’s daughter
Sol Wertkins, friend of Clare and Wayne Morrison’s son

John Hyde, Friend of Missy Young

Andy Budz, friend of Mickey and Mark Thaisz

​Denny Roberts, son of Polly Roberts Dalmaso
Tony Todesco, friend of Anne Tiffiny
Shawn & Kate Burdick, Norm & Betsey’s son & daughter-in-law
Julie Brill, a member of the Cangelosi family
Trace Snyder, cousin of Caroline Martel
Glenice Boyd, friend of Anne Tiffany
Amy Sink, Bonnie Herr’s sister
Mel Knoor, niece of Clare Morrison

Family and friends of Dick Farnum, friend of Jon George

All of the First Responders who put their lives in jeopardy to care for all of us. For those working in grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, food banks… who are working in spite of the danger to themselves. Prayers for anyone who is overwhelmed by this pandemic. Prayers for those who are feeling isolated or afraid. Prayers that God give us the mindfulness to reach out by phone to those who we are not frequently in touch -those on the outer edges of our friendship & family. Prayers for all people as we look to “love our neighbor” as God has commanded.

Welcome to  

The Second Congregational Church

81 Hancock Road • Williamstown, MA 01267 • (413) 458-3467

Next Sunday 12/12 is the final daythat we will be collecting Gift Cards for our Christmas Mission. They would like gift cards in any amounts. Stores or food places is fine. $10 and up. Also, she would like candy and fruit. The candy can be a small box which can be attached to the gift card in an envelope or bag. More details can be found in the December Newsletter.

There is a Sign-up Sheet for 2022 Memorial Bulletins in the Sunday School room. Please choose an available month and indicate who is giving the gift and who is being remembered. A check for $30 can be sent to Jean Richer.
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— Thoughts From the Organ Bench —

As we begin this month of December, we also begin the beautiful Season of Advent.  In many Christian faith traditions one of the great hymns of the season is "O' Come, O' Come Emmanuel."  This hymn tune is based on a Gregorian Chant.  Most importantly the hymn traditionally has seven verses.  Each verse highlights a name or title given to Christ throughout the Scriptures.  Christ is referred to as Emmanuel, Wisdom, Lord, Root of Jesse, Key of David, Dayspring and King of Nations.  These titles for Christ lead us deeper into the mystery of this Long-Awaited Savior.  Jesus is the expected one, the Savior that is hoped for and King who has come, God among us.  Each week, after the lighting of the Advent Wreath, we will listen to (and sing) two verses of this great hymn to lead us deeper into that reality that God chose to come among us and be with us.  God truly is with us! (Emmanuel)  As this hymn draws us into the awesome reality that God has come and will come to us again let us enter this season of Hope echoing the refrain of this hymn "Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee O Israel!"  The gift of music during this time is highlighted in the traditional and contemporary carols and songs heard in our church, homes, grocery stores and anywhere you turn.  Isn't it interesting that, in a world that tries so hard to separate church and state, in the public areas the great Christmas Carols (Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful and the like) seem to never get parceled out of the mix with Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and Blue Christmas.  Why???  The music of this season draws into mystery, recollection and peace.  Music has the ability to connect us to one another and to the Divine and so it is in a special way with the music of this blessed season that no one seems to ever want to part with.  O Come Let Us Adore Him in song and be drawn into the mystery....let the world be drawn, through these tunes, to peace, love, joy and hope....God truly with us....Emmanuel!!!                        Matt

Music Director /Organist

Matt Alcombright!

Rev. David  Hurst!

                                      — December Calendar —
Sunday 5th         In-House Morning Worship 9am - Communion  Thursday 9th     Dorcas Cookie Mission 3:00
                                Deacons Meeting 3:30pm

Saturday 11th    South Williamstown Farmers Market

                               in SS rooms 10am-2pm
Sunday 12th      In-House Morning Worship 9am   

                               Items for the Christmas Mission due along with                                   Christmas Plant Sheets
Wednesday 15th    Dorcas Christmas Luncheon, Noon
Thursday 16th   Trustee Meeting 4pm
Sunday 19th       In-House Morning Worship 9am 

                                Christmas Sunday
Friday 24th         Christmas Eve Service 5pm

Saturday 25th    Christmas Day

​Sunday 26th        In-House Morning Worship 9am

                                 Annual Informal Bell Service

WilliNet channel 1303 Sunday Morning Worship 9am and 4pm.                            Rerun Wed 10am and Friday 7 pm.
Internet Link is available each Friday in the weekly email. This week's link is:​​


Christmas Plants in memory of a loved ones are welcome again this year. The Deacon on duty will have forms for you to fill out in order to publish the entire list in the Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve bulletins. You can also email the by Monday 12/13 to be listed. The form is also attached.

 Mission Reports that The Thanksgiving Mission for the Food Pantry was outstanding. We provided meals for two families and also 3 turkeys. Two from the Dorcas Society and one from myself. Carol De Mayo texted me that Sunday evening and this was her message. “As always your church makes me smile and have a little tear because you give beyond your means.” “And I cannot believe it.”  “Thank you so much. Please give my blessings to all of your parishioners who welcomed me to come and have coffee and be next to all of you.”
        The Mission Committee thanks all of our members and friends for being so generous and also the helpers loading the food in our vehicles for delivery. We are an amazing little church.  I am so pleased.
         Our Christmas Mission will be similar to last year. They would like gift cards in any amounts. Stores or food places is fine. $10 and up. Also, she would like candy and fruit. The candy can be a small box which can be attached to the gift card in an envelope or bag. Candy doesn’t have to be wrapped. Something easy to give a child. Suggestions are:  Spring St. stores, Wal Mart, Dunkin Donuts, Dollar General, Target,  etc. Candy canes or small boxes of chocolates are fine. Whatever you want to give will be appreciated. We will ask the Dorcas for 2 canned hams for the Food Pantry. They are also collecting coats this year. They can be delivered anytime at the food pantry in the entryway. We will collect the Christmas Mission under the tree on December 12th. I will deliver to Carol De Mayo before the 15th for the Food Pantry Christmas Mission.  Again, thank you all for your donations and support.  We really make a difference.                                                Sincerely,   Caroline Martel, Chairman Mission Committee 

The Deacons...We have readers for Advent 1st Sunday but we need readers for the next 4 Sundays and Christmas Eve. 

12-5 - -- 2nd Sunday of Advent-- 4 readers--- [theme is PEACE]
12-12- -- 3rd Sunday of Advent -- 4 readers [theme is JOY]
12-19 --- 4th Sunday of Advent -- 2 readers --[theme is REJOICE]
12- 24--- Christmas Eve -----   2 readers----
12-26--- First Sunday after Christmas-- 2 readers,

Please contact Pastor David for more info.  He will have the readings.
Christmas Eve Service is at 5pm as usual.

The Holmgren family is very thankful to have had the chance to visit Tenwek Hospital in Kenya again. We delivered critical medical supplies and volunteered in various capacities. While Eric worked in the hospital, the girls and I feed babies in the NICU, delivered a wheelchair to a boy named Edmund with cerebral palsy, and provided a facelift for the Duka la Baraka or Store of Blessings to boost the struggling economy. The store features many goods, but most popular are the items made by local women as part of a microfinance project called Threads of Hope. Threads of Hope empowers women by teaching them sewing skills and providing them a niche market. With the money earned, they can support their families and also pay for school fees and uniforms. Also exciting for both Julia and Sophia was shadowing doctors and witnessing the important work they do. As we light our Advent candles, we include the people of Kenya and the long-term missionaries at Tenwek in our prayers.


Dorcas events: The Cookie Mission will be on December 9th at 3.  Please have cookies there by 3…Contact Linda Seney with questions. 

Our Annual Dorcas Luncheon is on December 15th at noon at the Water Street Grill. Please let Clare Morrison know if you have not already .
The Trustees have been busy putting together the 2022 Proposed Budget for your consideration. There will be a mailing of the completed budget and an explanation of the changes that have been made in the next few days. Knock on wood....the furnaces are ready for the onslaught of winter after additional service following a shaky start after the annual tune-up. The stand for the mailbox gave way to years of winter road salt nibbling away at its sturdiness and has been replaced by a wooden one. As the year comes to a close, we want to thank all of you that have kept up your financial commitment to the church. For anyone behind, if you are now able, it is not too late to send a check to Jean Richer, 124 S. Hemlock Brook, Williamstown, MA 01267.

The Application Form for the Williamstown Municipal Scholarship is available on the town website.  These scholarships are available only to town residents who are at least one year post high school by fall of 2021 or non-traditional students going back to school.
Applications are also available in the town Treasurer's Office. The deadline to apply is 1/10/2022 at 4:30pm.

The Application Form for the Williamstown Municipal Scholarship is available on the town website.  These scholarships are available only to town residents who are at least one year post high school by fall of 2021 or non-traditional students going back to school.
Applications are also available in the town Treasurer's Office. The deadline to apply is 1/10/2022 at 4:30pm.